Need a reason to enter? Here’s ten:

  1. You’ll get your kit and projects in front of some of the UK’s most influential lighting users – the judges if you get shortlisted
  2. You’ll get lots of exposure – our Lux Awards marketing material goes to over 25000 people
  3. You can use the Lux Awards Shortlisted logo on your paperwork, website and even on your vans
  4. You’ll be able to host a visit to your project, or do a demo to the panel of judges in person
  5. You’ll get the recognition of your peers – and customers if you win your category
  6. It gives you the ultimate independent stamp of approval for your work
  7. It gives you brilliant marketing material to promote your business – all for just £160 + VAT per entry
  8. You’ll be able to use the Lux Awards Winner logo everywhere!
  9. You’ll enter into the permanent Lux Awards Hall of Fame
  10. The bragging rights will be sensational!